Woodheaters - Freestanding

Enjoy the unbeatable ambience of a real wood fire. Safe, stylish and economical, our extensive range of freestanding wood heaters will give you years of warmth and comfort. Whether you love the look of a traditional look log fire or your taste runs more towards modern, sleek styling, we have the perfect choice for your home.
Melbournes Woodheating Centre have a huge selection of wood heaters and wood stoves from over 20 quality manufacturers and importers. We will install your heater to Australian standards to make sure it is properly flued and installed to manufacturer’s specifications.
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Heating Capacity


Heating Type

Modern clean lines with wood storage, made in Portugal
Modern module unit from Europe that can sit on any non combustible surface
A mid sized heater with multiple installation options for any modern home
Durable, medium capacity wood heater. Cast iron grates and easy clean ash pan.
Durable, large capacity wood heater. Cast iron grates and easy clean ash pan.
Compact Nectre radiant heater features wood storage below.

Blaze 500

$2149.00 On sale $1800.00
Perfect for smaller spaces. Features large door and classic styling.
Ideal for smaller spaces. Features modern design and wood storage.
Sleek and stylish design to suit a contemporary décor. Table is included.

Blaze 800

$2449.00 On sale $2100.00
Perfect for larger spaces. Features large door and classic styling.
Ideal for larger spaces. Features modern design and wood storage.
Sleek and stylish option for larger spaces. Table is included.
Large Capacity with modern euro styling and 180 degree fire viewing
European styling featuring 180 degree viewing
European styling with quad burn technology perfect for smaller areas
Compact woodheater ideal for use in smaller spaces
A big wood heater that can easily handle large spaces. Australian made.
Modern compact style, yet can still heat a large area
Medium capacity wood heater. Available in a range of colours.
Clean burning technology with cast iron liners.
Burns cleanly and efficiently. Classic styling with wood storage.
A big wood heater for big spaces. Features a large self cleaning window.
Large heating capacity with the added bonus of wood storage underneath
Install within internal wall to enjoy wood heater from two separate rooms.
Perfect for a mid sized space. Bay window displays flames from multiple angles.
A big beast of a wood heater. Features a huge glass window for optimum viewing.
Double fronted wood heater can be installed through wall to heat two rooms.
Double sided heater with style and performance, plus made in Australia
Perfect for mid sized to large spaces. Features large glass window.
Small and compact. The top shelves can be used as a cook top.
A large, powerful wood heater with small clearances. Features a bay window.
Powerful wood heater that’s perfect for small and mid sized spaces.
Mid-size wood heater with sophisticated styling. Delivers serious performance.
Wood heater combines sleek, sophisticated styling with serious power.
Powerful wood heater with a massive fire box. Features a bay window.
Compact design for smaller areas featuring handy wood storage.
Ultimate in heat retention with its cast iron and soapstone body, made in Europe
Customise with optional colours, pedestal or table.
Select colour coordinated panels and optional pedestal.
Optional colours, bay window, pedestal and gold door. Heats larger spaces.
Highly efficient and durable. This medium size unit is made in the USA.
Highly efficient and durable. This large size unit is made in the USA.
European designed and made, cast iron body with 180 degree view of the fire
Enjoy 180 degree views of the fire with this cast iron woodheater
Compact cast iron radiant heater with a large glass door
Double sided cast iron woodheater made in France
180 Degree views of the fire, designed and made in France
Huge heating capacity and streamlined styling featuring a full glass door.
This wood heater has tons of power. Large firebox and cast iron liners for heat retention.
Attractive streamed styling, perfect for mid sized spaces.
Mid size with panoramic bay window to see flames from multiple angles.
Panoramic bay window woodheater to see the flames from multiple angles
Australian made double sided heater with sleek clean lines
Modern design with modular bench option. Suits mid to large sized spaces.
Contemporary European styling, Cast iron radiant heater made in Norway
Charming cast iron wood fire available in black and ivory.
Modern European design with a cast iron body made in Norway.
Mid size wood stove from Norway with a large glass door.
Modern wood stove from Norway with unique 3 sided glass viewing.
Gorgeous stylish design from Norway. Available in a range of colours.
Mid size cast iron wood stove features large glass door.
Stunning centrepiece for your living space with a sleek, curved European inspired design.
Big heating capacity with a modern design, suitable for larger homes
Ultra modern design with wood storage and 3 speed fan
Stylish and compact heater, perfect for small modern areas

Kent Country Classic Mk2

$2345.00 On sale $1950.00
Mid sized woodheater with clean lines to suit any decor
Latest in landscape design from Kent with massive heat output
Modern landscape design and removable handle.
Perfect sized fan forced woodheater for the 3 Bedroom home
Award winning design and made in New Zealand
Modern design featuring a full glass door, perfect for smaller homes.
Perfect for larger areas and features a modern glass door.
Cottage charm and cosy warmth. This compact stove is an efficient cooktop
Charming traditional design. This compact stove is perfect both indoors and out.
The ideal compact solution for limited space, and the need to heat a larger area.
Perfect for smaller areas and features 6mm steel radiant cooktop
Powerful heat output and efficient burn for larger spaces. Features steel cook top.
Clean contemporary design with legs or pedestal option.
Small compact NZ made heater with a 6mm steel radiant cooktop
European design and New Zealand construction. Compact with wood storage.
Compact radiant heater featuring a 6mm steel cooktop
Radiant style heater with fan option, made in NZ
A delightful compact and cosy radiant wood fire to heat small spaces.
Compact in size radiant wood fire, yet able to heat medium sized areas.
Create warmth and charm in larger spaces with this dual opening radiant wood fire.
Stylish yet robust outdoor fireplace perfect for entertaining in your outdoor setting.
Enjoy entertaining friends and family with this outdoor fireplace, creating ambiance and atmosphere.
Enjoy timeless Danish quality and style. Features cleaner combustion technology.
Stunning Danish good looks and optimal fuel utilisation.
180 Degree views with double doors and sits on stylish legs
A true original featuring elliptical cast-iron shape and double doors.
A stunning Danish design featuring double doors and wall mounting option.
An award winning Danish design featuring an organic round shape.
Incredible 180-degree view flame panorama, self-closing door system and wood storage.
Incredible 180-degree view flame panorama, self-closing door system and pedestal.
Stylish Scandinavian design aesthetic, featuring top or rear flue options and a log drawer.
Features charming cottage character and delivers a deceptively powerful performance.
Delightful Danish wood stove with a unique, compact design.
Stylish and unique wall hanging wood stove with a rear flue.
Stylish, sleek and functional. Features a large glass door and wood storage.
Compact yet powerful Australian made wood heater.
Designed for large open plan living and commercial applications.
One of the most popular wood heaters ever made. Efficient, stylish and robust.
The perfect option for tight spaces. Can be installed close to walls and furniture.
Great for larger homes and features wood storage and a 3 speed fan
Elegant, contemporary and versatile. Features curved sides and log storage.
Elegant, contemporary and versatile. Features straight sides and log storage.
Elegant, contemporary and versatile. Features tiled sides and log storage.
Enjoy the romance of an open fire which includes a 3 speed fan
Efficient wood heater for smaller spaces. Optional legs, ash drawer and overlays.
Mid-size wood heater with optional legs, ash drawer and overlays.
Large-size wood heater with optional legs, ash drawer and overlays.
Traditional styling and large heating capacity, with optional legs, ash drawer and overlays.
The smallest Osburn model, this stylish wood heater still packs a punch.
Practical, stylish and unique. Distinctive Canadian soapstone tiles retain heat.
Small woodheater with an ultra modern design which features the ability to stack your wood underneath
Durable, efficient and built to last. Features up to 10-hour burn time.
Compact and efficient with unique four-point combustion technology.
Durable, efficient and built to last. Features up to 12-hour burn time.
Massive heating capacity and built to last. Features up to 19-hour burn time.
American made front and top loading cast iron woodheater
Designed to maximise heat output and featuring a 3-speed fan for extra circulation.
Functional and attractive with a large viewing area and firewood storage.
Designed to heat smaller areas, featuring an attractive glass viewing area.
Impressive heating capacity and efficiency to heat larger spaces.
Designed to maximise heat output for larger areas. Includes a 3-speed fan.
Compact and cosy radiant heater, perfect for smaller spaces.
Designed to heat mid-sized spaces. Optional steel baffle and 2-speed fan.
Catalytic stove with Eco-Boost Technology is perfect for larger spaces.
Traditional styling for medium sized living areas. Features cast iron legs.
Featuring the heaviest firebox in Australia for long lasting performance and durability.
Large and powerful wood heater. Features the heaviest firebox in Australia.
Solid, durable construction and a large bay window design. Comes with a 15-year warranty.
Efficient and durable wood heater for smaller areas, with a single piece bay viewing window.
Contemporary and innovative design with an optional bench. Suits smaller spaces.
Contemporary and innovative design with an optional bench. Suits mid-sized spaces.
Contemporary and innovative with an optional bench. Suits larger spaces.
Rotates 360 Degrees and features rotating 3 door system