Woodheaters - Inbuilt

Enjoy the unbeatable ambience of a real wood fire. Safe, stylish and economical, our extensive range of inbuilt wood heaters will give you years of warmth and comfort. Whether you love the look of a traditional look log fire or your taste runs more towards modern, sleek styling, we have the perfect choice for your home.
Inbuilt wood heaters can be installed within an existing fireplace to maximize heat output and efficiency. Zero clearance models do not require an existing fireplace. They can be installed directly into stud plaster walls which gives you flexibility to decide where to place your wood heater.
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Heating Capacity


Zero Clearance

Clean slim line design from Europe with a large heating capacity
Modern minimalistic frame to suit any modern home
Features an easy to use ash pan for convenient cleaning
Suitable to heat large areas and features easy to use ash pan
Mid sized woodheater with clean modern lines with a selection of fascias
Suitable for larger homes, features modern clean lines and remote control fan.
Large Capacity inbuilt woodheater with a sleek modern design.
Clean design to suit any modern mid-sized home.
Perfect for the smaller homes or living areas, features clean lines and 3 speed fan
Compact yet cozy. Australian made, ideal for small spaces.
Stylish heater with a medium heating capacity. Large self-cleaning viewing window.
Larger heating capacity and will add elegance to your home.
Make a statement in your outdoor area with this modern design of an open wood-fire.
The largest inbuilt in the Eureka range, features a massive glass door and huge firebox.
Mordern styled double sided woodheater that can heat 2 rooms at once
Ideal for small to medium areas with contemporary styling
Medium size heating capacity with a modern design and made in Australia
Large heating capacity with modern design featuring a full glass door.
Medium heating capacity, contemporary design with clean lines.
Display the most amazing views with a large bay window giving an elegant timeless design.
Medium size heating capacity and locally made, features cast iron liners and baffle.
Ideal for larger homes with its high heat output. Australian made with optional colours to choose from.
Australian made woodheater to heat a med sized area. Features cast iron liners and baffle.
Modern design with 8 optional colours to choose from and made in Australia.
More glass and less fascia makes a stunning statement in any home.
Combining the old with the new, latest technology with old school charm.
Most efficient inbuilt woodheater, featuring a 4 point burn system.
An efficient open fire with numerous size options
A traditional fireplace look but with more efficient heating.
Suitable for heating larger areas and has a modern look with its full glass door.
Huge glass window, heavy duty steel firebox and made in Australia
Medium sized heating capacity with a panoramic glass window.
Heat 2 rooms at once with a modern double sided fireplace
Modern design and features cast iron liners for greater heat retention.
Huge firebox and a striking modern design to larger homes.
Full glass door and clean lines will make the Calisto Medium perfect for any mid size home.
Clean lines to suit any decor and made to suit the smaller homes.
New modern inbuilt design woodheater, great for larger homes.
Well priced woodheater for a big heating capacity and 10 year warranty
Australian made featuring a cast iron door, ideal for smaller spaces
Inbuilt open woodfire that features a remote control 3 speed fan
Contemporary design with a huge glass window and large heating capacity.
Compact unit with a sleek modern design & 2 speed fan
Double sided fireplace with a modern minimalist look
Full glass landscape door, modern look with optional air ducting kits
Features 8mm steel fire box and automatic 3 speed fan
A feature rich slow combustion unit, the VisionLINE Taurus unit encompasses style and class with efficient, radiating heat.