Woodheaters - Suspended

Enjoy the unbeatable ambience of a real wood fire. Safe, stylish and economical, our extensive range of freestanding wood heaters will give you years of warmth and comfort. The pinnacle of style, our range of unique suspended and wall mounted ultramodern fireplaces will be guaranteed to create the ultimate focal point in your home. Create an impression like no other.
Melbournes Woodheating Centre have a huge selection of wood heaters and wood stoves from over 20 quality manufacturers and importers. We will install your heater to Australian standards to make sure it is properly flued and installed to manufacturer’s specifications.
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The original Focus fireplace, the prototype for elegance still made by hand to order.
Geometry meets fire with this curvaceous, aesthetically pleasing fireplace.
Nautical styling, featuring a porthole to view the flames.
An elegant design suited to smaller spaces.
Striking and elegant, this fireplace can rotate a full 360 degrees.
An award winning indoor firepit with a telescopic difference.
Award winning style, revolutionary design and the ability to rotate 360°.
This wall hung fireplace will create a sculpture against your wall.
Sleek, chic with the ability to either rotate 360 degrees or be fixed.