RRP $599

Melton Craft Fuego Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


  • For Outdoor Use Only
  • 130cm Height
  • 55cm Diameter
  • Cast Iron Heavy Construction
  • High Temperature Paint Finish
  • Rain Lid
  • Burns All Solid Fuels
  • Two-Piece Construction
  • Separate Legs 
  • Steel Cooking Grill

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Enjoy the ultimate outdoor fireplace with the Fuego Chiminea. This fireplace has a heavy duty cast iron construction to radiate heat, providing warmth as well as adding to ambiance. A high temperature paint finish prevents corrosion while a rain lid can be placed onto the chimney to protect the interior when not in use. The Chimney creates a draft to help vent smoke away from users and to burn hot and clean. Its two-piece construction and separate legs makes shifting it around easy and the steel grill allows you to set it up as a simple backyard BBQ.