Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

In recent years, electric fireplaces have boomed in popularity- and with good reason. The modern, electric fireplaces of today are worlds apart from traditional designs, with advanced technologies such as LED lights offering hyper realistic flames allowing changes in colour, brightness, pattern, speed and cycle pattern. Some even go the extra mile, offering audio and visual elements such as simulated sparks, crackling sounds and variable ember beds for a truly uinque fireplace experience.





As major developments in visual design, graphics and efficiency have been made, more and more people are steering towards electric fireplaces as a lower cost, green, functional and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fireplaces.

Why electric fireplaces? Well here is 7 reasions one might just be your next go-to purchase when you wish to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of flames, without the fuss.

Plug in and play

When the cold hits, you want warmth fast. This is where electric fireplaces really do showcase their modern ingenuity, delivering heat with the click of a button!

The latest technology

Want a multi-sensory experience? Electric fireplaces have come leaps and bounds in the past few years, with technologies delivering a truly authentic fireplace experience.

Convenient touch controls allow for an instant fire

Matches and logs or kindling are a thing of the past. You can be enjoying the comforts of a fire instantly with a tap of your finger. An electric fireplace’s built-in touch controls and a multi-function remote control provide great convenience and plenty of presentation options.

Cheaper to install

A modern electric fireplace is generally very easy to install, with most simply being plugged in and away they go.


Flame without the heat

Reminiscing of flickering flames in the height of summer? There in lies the beauty of electric fireplaces. With modern electric fires, you don't need to have the heater on to enjoy the flame effect.


With electric fireplaces, there is no direct flame, meaning children and pets cannot reach in and burn themselves.  Furthermore, when the fire is on ‘flame effect only’ mode, absolutely no heat is emitted from the appliance, further avoiding any potential for burns. Plus, when the heater is turned on, the element and fan are fully enclosed behind a metal grill, creating a strong and reliable safety net.

Flexibility with design – flames with different colours

Electric fires offer a world of possibility with design. Many different styles exist, from traditional inset fires, to hang on the wall contemporary fires and electric stoves.  

So, there you have it- 7 reasons why electric fireplaces are a great option for those looking for a functional and efficient yet aesthetically captivating fireplace for their home.

Whilst gas and wood fireplaces still have their place, electric fireplaces are a great choice, offering flames which are accessible to everyone, all year round.

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