Gas Log FIres

Gas log fires deliver all the atmosphere and charm of a wood heater or fireplace, without the ongoing hassle and mess of managing a woodpile. They are an environmentally responsible, safe and efficient alternative heating solution for homes of all sizes.

Gas log heaters and gas fireplaces have come a long way in design, performance and installation options. We have a huge selection of inbuilt and freestanding gas heaters, to suit every home and décor. From traditional log style fires and decorative fireplaces, to exciting contemporary designs featuring sleek lines and elegant finishes.

Glass fronted sealed units provide excellent energy efficiency and heat larger areas quickly. Open gas log fire boxes are not as efficient as the closed units but provide a dramatic and inviting ambiance. These gas heaters are perfect if your home has central heating or other heaters and you are after the atmosphere of an open flame.

Come see our extensive range of gas heaters in-store or click through to view our inbuilt and freestanding gas log fires, online. Our brands include Coonara, Archer, Escea, Heat & Glo, Nectre and Regency. 

Freestanding or Inbuilt?

Freestanding gas log fires are available in a range of styles, finishes and colours. Traditional designs and classic shapes are the perfect compliment for traditional homes, cottages and country style interiors. For a modern, contemporary feel, a minimalist style gas fireplace in stainless steel or stylish textured black finish can create the perfect visual focal point in a room. View our selection of freestanding gas log fires here.

Inbuilt gas fireplaces save on floor space and provide exciting installation opportunities. Some units can be placed within an existing fireplace to create an almost perfect illusion of a wood burning fire. Other units are suitable to be installed within timber framing. They can be placed in different positions within your home to complement your floor plan and maximise heat distribution. View our selection of inbuilt gas log fires here. 

Heating Capacity

We make the process of choosing the best gas log fire for your home as straight forward as possible. Some gas log fires are extremely efficient and will quickly and easily heat large areas. Other unit are designed primarily as decorative or ambient fires. The size of your house and your heating requirements will determine the heating capacity you need to stay cosy and warm, without overheating, through the winter months.

Our gas log fires heating output is measured in squares (Builders Square), in which 1 square is equal to 10m2. For example, a house that measures 190m2 is 19 squares. 

Star Rating

The star rating system measures the efficiency of a gas log fire. It represents the percentage of heat output by the unit from the amount of fuel input into it. Selecting a gas heater with a higher efficiency rating is a great option to help protect the environment – and your wallet. The higher the star rating or efficiency, the more you’ll save on your gas bill.

You can search for inbuilt and freestanding gas log fires by your choice of star rating. Alternatively, speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff in store about the most efficient options for your home.

No natural gas? No problem! There are lots of gas fireplace options available which run on LPG. 

Zero Clearance

Zero clearance wood fires are insulated fireboxes which do not need a brick fireplace. They can be installed directly into stud walls and plaster. A timber or metal framed surrounded is constructed and the gas heater is then inserted and flued to create a seamless inbuilt finish.

You can view our range of zero clearance inbuilt heaters here. 


Melbournes Woodheating Centre will install your gas log fireplace to manufacturer’s standards and make sure it is properly flued to avoid any emissions seeping into your home. We will ensure the unit is expertly fitted to give you years of safe, reliable and efficient performance.

Our highly experienced team will professionally prepare, install and finish all aspects of the gas heater installation, including framing and tiling work.

Look through some images of recent installations here

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